Our passion today and tomorrow

At Valsemøllen we are always in touch with current trends, as we closely monitor consumer and food markets to provide the best market terms to our customers. We constantly try to find new types of grain, kernels, etc., which can ensure a better, more nutritious and, not least, more delicious food for the benefit of everyone.


At the same time we work hard to optimise our production techniques to increase the standard of quality in terms of nutritional value, taste and food safety. We also gladly cooperate with health organisations, authorities and other food manufacturers to share experience and know-how.


This gives us access to vast and varied knowledge, which often results in food recommendations and definitions – and last but not least, more nutritious food for the benefit of the whole population.

Making a difference  

Today, as well as for more than a century, Valsemøllen has constantly endeavoured to improve.


Based on our experience, knowledge and pronounced passion and curiosity for the diversity of opportunities inherent in grain, kernels, and flour we are dedicated and focused to developing new top-quality food products, markets and business concepts.

Ideas from all over the world

We seek inspiration all over the world to ensure that we provide the best solutions to our customers.


Therefore, we are always focused on new actions and efforts to improve our knowledge of lifestyles, consumption, sales channels, and market segments, as these factors are important to our success.


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