We help you from idea to solution

We have a highly skilled R & D Department and a dedicated team of competent Master Bakers who narrow the gap from idea to useful product or solution in order to add significant value to your business. 


Highly Experienced Developers and Master Bakers

We always form the best team of highly skilled and dedicated Developers and Master Bakers to ensure fast implementation and processing of new products, etc. in the production of various bread and cakes. This means a simple adjustment to the best possible solutions. All without any production losses and of course tailor-made to your business. So you are guaranteed a cutting edge.  


Fast adaptability

Valsemøllen has a modern, flexible production unit which enables fast and simple testing of new types of grain, kernels, ingredients, specific customer products, etc.


The possibility of testing new recipes and flavours blends is important and makes it easy to adjust, evaluate and concretise the individual aspects of production development.


This is important for ensuring success.

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