Valsemøllen A/S

Terms of Sales and Delivery


Following terms are valid for all quotations, orders, etc. regarding sales and deliveries from seller unless anything else has been agreed between the parties. Buyer’s general terms and conditions for purchases if any are only valid if this has been clearly agreed between the parties, and if so only to the extent that the purchasing terms are not disputing the present conditions.

Norms and Specifications

The quality must be in accordance with the approved samples and comply to the food law documentation of IREKS which Valsemøllen confirms to every sample IREKS tests


If buyer does not pay in due time, the seller is entitled to claim interest on the due amount of 1.75 % per month of the amount unless there has been a delay or quality deviation on the part of Valsemøllen, which would be the reason for late payment. In case of complaints the customer is entitled to withhold payment until full clarification of the matter.


Pallets and other returns will be credited if the pallets, etc. are returned in good condition.


Goods sold remain seller’s property until they have been fully paid for.

Defects and Limits of Responsibility

In case of any defect, seller will take care that this is corrected, replaced or refund total or part of the payment. The liability amount will be max 100 T€ (750.000 DKK) for material defects / damages and the sum for personal injuries will be 2 Mio. € (15.000.000 DKK).


Any complaint must be notified immediately, when the buyer has or should have observed a defect, as buyer is obliged to make a proper inspection of every supply. If there has not been complained immediately of defects, which are or should have been observed upon receipt or within 2 weeks after the receipt of the goods, buyer’s right to file a complaint against the delivery in question will lapse. This does not apply to hidden defects or quality losses during the use of delivered goods as long as the best before date applies to them.


If there is a considerable delay, buyer can cancel the purchase. Only delays of more than 2 working days are considered considerable.

Force Majeure

Seller is not obliged to deliver or to pay compensation to buyer if the delivery is obstructed or made excessively difficult or costly, due to force majeure. However, the seller must do everything possible to enable a delivery, if necessary, also with replacement articles/equivalent goods. After consultation with the customer, if necessary, also at a slightly later delivery date.

Product Liability

Our products comply with existing EU legislation.

Compliance with special local rules lies with buyer.

Legal Action and Disputes

Any dispute between the parties is to be settled by Danish court at seller’s venue, and Danish Sales of Goods Act.

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